User Roles and Permissions

Understanding Roles

Basic Roles:
Employee - all users need this. This role is not editable.
Management - gives the analytics tab on and everything within it.
Safety Professional - gives access to supervisor portal, all reports in the company, the analytics tab, ability to CREATE inspection form templates and complete forms.
Supervisor - gives access to Supervisor Portal and all reports submitted by users below them in the organizational hierarchy. Also gives ability to report injuries “on behalf of” other employees.
Incident editor - gives the ability to edit reports in the Supervisor Portal but does not give you access to reports like the Safety Professional or Supervisor roles. This should be used in combination with either of those two.
Asset Manager - gives access to assets and asset category management screen in the admin menu but no other admin functions.
HR - adds users to various email strings.
Admin - access to the admin menu.
Credential Module Roles:
Credential Admin - Allows user to do all the management of credentials.
Forms Module Roles:
Inspector - gives the ability to complete inspection forms and print completed inspection.
Inspection Approver – Any user with this role will receive a notification whenever a form that requires approval is submitted and will require them to go in and either approve or reject the form in order for it be marked as “Completed”.