Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Here's how to navigate the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) tool.

In Sospes, workflows can be configured to give SDS admins more control over the Safety Data Sheets that are added to their library.

The Sospes SDS module allows companies to maintain their entire SDS binder digitally. Additionally, the SDSs are frequently being reviewed and updated for you so that you no longer need to worry about them.

Adding a new SDS

Adding a new SDS to your library is as easy as clicking the "Request SDS" button from the SDS screen. Any employee can do this. This workflow allows users with the SDS Admin role to either approve or reject these SDS requests. 

SDS Admin

The SDS Admin will have access to the SDS administration page and SDS management page. For more information on how to assign the SDS admin role, check out Understanding user Roles and Permissions.

To view outstanding SDS requests, you must have the SDS Admin role. Users with the proper role will see a Manage SDS Requests button at the top of the SDS Overview screen. Once enabled, SDS approvals will allow anyone with the SDS Admin role to be alerted via email when a new SDS is requested.

You can view all active requests by going to the Manage SDS Request page which is found on by navigating to the SDS Overview and clicking Manage SDS Requests. Screenshots below outline how that works:

SDS requests are either Rejected, Approved, or Awaiting Approval. Once approved, they will be added to your SDS library within 3 – 5 business days. To change the Status, click the drop-down pictured below: