Understanding the different form question types

Here's a quick guide to understanding the different form question types and how to use them effectively.

Easily create, edit, sign, and transform any form into a fillable Sospes form! Choose from up to 15 different question types to gather the insights you need.

Paperless Means Faster, Easier & More Accurate

Use your current forms or select from the Sospes library and begin completing inspections, DVIRs, job briefings, JHAs, quality checklists, and more from any phone, tablet, or computer. Sospes’ users can create their own forms from our easy forms-builder and intuitive widgets library. All forms can be scheduled with reminder alerts making it easy to keep track of deadlines.

Create/Edit Form

To begin, click on the Admin page and select Create/Edit Forms. For more information on how to create and edit forms, click here.

We offer forms that you can use for managing your processes safely.

  • Eliminate scanning, shredding, filing, and printing
  • Digitize existing forms or easily create new ones!
  • Ensure proper compliance & safety standards

  • Customizable to fit your needs
  • Instant notifications & alerts
  • Streamline your experience and save time with secure, paperless forms on Sospes.



Form Permissions

Here's a quick guide to who has access to create/edit forms:

Ability to... Inspector Inspector Approver Safety Pro Admin
Submit Forms    
Access Completed Forms    
View all Saved Forms      
Access Inspection Approver Page      
Create/Edit Form Templates    

For more information on user roles and permissions, click here.

Form Alerts & Notifications

Once you create a form, you can configure the notifications to alert various users when a form is submitted. There are two alerts:

  • Form Submitted with Fail: Alerts are sent when the inspection form is submitted with a line item set as failed or as a resolved fail. This only is triggered if there is a Pass/Fail/NA question on the form.
  • Form Submitted: Alerts are sent whenever the inspection form is submitted.
Configuring these by form lets you alert specific groups or individuals whenever they are triggered. An example of this would be if a specific site manager wanted to know every time a form was submitted at their location:

Form Question Types

Sospes contains lots of different types of questions that will match all of your needs. There are 15 different question types to choose from when building your forms:

  1. Weather Conditions
    Easily track the weather conditions including approximate temperature, humidity, and weather type.

  2. Job Completion Status
    Tracking progress is a powerful tool. And not just for keeping us motivated and productive. When you track your progress, you naturally become more purposeful about the work you do. Understand and track job completion status with this question type.

  3. Contractor Work Completion Status
    This question type allows you to manage and track contractor work type, name, # of workers and % finished to make sure your projects are on track.

  4. Excavation
    In every construction project, whether it be residential, commercial, or industrial, excavation services are crucial. It serves many purposes, especially on the foundation. Since this plays a vital role in construction, it’s important to track the location, soil conditions, and protection methods used.
  5. Read-Only Section
    The read-only section allows you to insert important information into a form such as a disclaimer or explanation of how the form works.

  6. Questions Answered with Pass, Fail or N/A
    The Pass/Fail question type also has a N/A option.

  7. Questions Answered with Text
    Allow users to expand upon their answers with a text box.

  8. Questions Answered with Yes/No
    Simple Yes or No questions can be answered with this question type.

  9. Custom Multiple Select Section
    Create a custom multiple-choice selection to allow users to select from a pre-determined set of choices.

  10. Questions answered Yes or No with conditional follow up question
    This question type follows a Yes or No format and allows you to follow up with a conditional question for both the Yes and No options. In this example, the question is configured to prompt an additional question for a Yes response.

  11. Crew Signature Section
    E-sign signature options for the whole crew make it easier than ever to get sign-off from the right personnel.

  12. Employee Signature Section
    This section allows you to request signatures from employees, supervisors, and more. This section is configurable to whomever you'd like to sign. 

    By providing faster turnarounds on administrative tasks, e-signatures can help you save time for things that truly matter in your business. Being able to authenticate documents while preserving security, boosting efficiency, and reducing costs are why using e-signatures is crucial for organizations today.

     How employee signature appears on mobile:
  13. How Employee Signature appears on the computer:

  14. Employee List
    Utilize the employee list to easily add the names of employees to create a custom question type.

  15. Image List
    When you need to attach a photo to a series of custom requirements, utilize the Image List question type.

  16. Questions answered and tracked with a 1 - 5 score
    This question type allows you to create a custom 1-5 score for users to choose from.

    This is how the question type will appear on a completed form:

Preview your form

  1. Select Save as Draft to save a copy of your form to your Draft page

  2. To test out your form, click the Preview Form icon to see how your form will look on a Computer or Mobile device. This icon will appear as a piece of paper with a magnifying glass (pictured right).

  3. To keep editing your form, select the Red Pencil to make changes.

Save & Publish

You can save as draft or choose to publish your form at the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

Locate Active Forms, Draft Forms & Expired Forms

To navigate amongst Active Forms, Draft Forms, and Expired Forms, click the banner and your selection will be highlighted in dark blue. This can be found by clicking the Forms section.