Form-Specific Alerts & Notifications

All forms can be scheduled with alerts & notifications making it easy to deliver essential information to key users.

Form-Specific Alerts & Notifications 

Alerts & Notifications deliver essential information to key people when it’s needed most.

With Sospes, you can instantly and automatically send alerts & notifications to specific users so that you can help reduce time spent manually contacting each person that needs to be notified.

Form Submitted & Form Submitted with a Fail

To enable alerts & notifications for a form, click Admin, then select Create/Edit Form from the left-hand side of the page.

Select a form to Edit and click on Form Alerts and Notifications in the dark blue banner:

Sospes allows form-related alerts and notifications so that they can be configured for each individual form.

There are two alerts:

  • Form Submitted with Fail: Alerts are sent when the inspection form is submitted with a line item set as failed or as a resolved fail. This only is triggered if there is a Pass/Fail/NA question on the form.
  • Form Submitted: Alerts are sent whenever the inspection form is submitted.

Configuring these by form lets you alert specific groups or individuals whenever they are triggered. Alerts that are enabled will show a green checkmark circle to the right. Alerts that are not enabled will show an empty circle to the right.

Custom Alerts

For every alert, there is the option of adding custom email addresses to receive that specific alert. For more information on Custom Alerts, click here.


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