What does it mean when I am assigned a Corrective/Preventative Action?

Corrective/Preventive Actions are important collaborative improvement tools used to prevent unwanted events from occurring or recurring.

What does it mean when you are assigned a corrective/preventative action?

Getting assigned a corrective/preventative action means that you have made to be a direct component in the continued improvement of your organization! This corrective/preventative action will be tracked in Sospes and it is your role to add updates, document completion and help propel this organizational improvement forward. Receiving a corrective/preventative action assignment does not mean you are at fault or being blamed for anything that may have occurred, rather it is a request for your help.

Defining Corrective/Preventative Actions

What's often referred to as CAPA (Corrective Actions and Preventative Actions), here are the main difference between the two from an industry perspective:

  • Corrective Action: Elimination of the cause (or causes) of an existing undesirable situation in order to prevent it from reoccurring.  The important distinction is that a Corrective Action prevents something bad from reoccurring
  • Preventive Action: Identification and elimination of the cause(s) of potential undesirable situations in order to prevent it from occurring. Preventative Action prevents something bad from occurring in the first place (meaning it hasn't happened yet.)

In Sospes, we have combined the two concepts into one because they function essentially the same way:

  1. Action is created.
  2. Action is assigned.
  3. Action is completed.
  4. Action is documented and attached to the originating report.

The ultimate purpose these actions is to make your organization safer and more productive
For more on the specifics of how to complete Corrective/Preventative Actions in Sospes, Click Here.