2023.5 Release Notes - New task and alert configurations for Credentials

This release includes updates to the Credentials module, changes to task reminders, and other performance enhancements.

New Version for the Mobile App

All mobile application users will be prompted to update the next time they open the app, as long as they are connected to the internet. Users must be on one of the latest two (2) versions to continue using Sospes on their mobile devices.

  • 2.5.27 (Current)
  • 2.5.24 (Previous)

New Task and Alert Configurations for Credentials

Users with the Credential Admin role can now configure unique task alerts for each individual credential. A Credential Admin can turn on/off task alerts for the following associated with a credential:

  • Send Task Assignments
  • Send Task Reminders
  • Send Task Completed
  • Send Task Overdue

Learn more about Credential Task notifications!

Task Email Sender and Overdue Task Notification Frequency

All Sospes-related task emails will now be sent and delivered by tasks@sospes.com, report summaries will be sent by reportsummary@sospes.com, and all other reporting notifications will continue to be sent and delivered by safetyalert@sospes.com.

Overdue task notifications will now be sent the first day after a task's due date and every 3 days following until the task is completed. Tasks that are 6+ months overdue will not send task reminders. 

Other Enhancements:

  • Numerous updates and enhancements for mobile application
  • Forms "Multiple Select" widget - Other option will present a custom text box.
  • Performance improvement and bug fixes