How do I use Incognito Mode?

Understanding the anonymous reporting function of Sospes.

What can be reported anonymously (while in incognito mode)?

Sospes allows users to make some reports anonymously. This not only encourages reporting but is required by some industry standards.


What can be reported anonymously:

  1. Incidents reports (except when reporting an injury to yourself or as an emergency) 
  2. Close Calls
  3. Observations

What cannot be anonymous:

  1. While incidents can be reported anonymously, this only hides the name of the person submitting the report but not the name of the individuals involved in the incident (ex: the person who was injured, any driver in a motor vehicle collision, etc. will not be anonymous)
  2. Preventative/Corrective Actions
  3. Any forms
  4. Any tasks

Why is Incognito Mode (Anonymous Reporting) important?

  1. Increases the number of reports submitted.

    A study comparing anonymous and non-anonymous incident reporting systems showed that the reporting of issues was 54% higher with the anonymous reporting system. The study also showed that the number of near-miss reports was three times higher in the anonymous system.
    By increasing the number of near misses and incidents reported, all organizations can better understand safety challenges and prevent injuries. In addition, a more significant number of near-miss reports means there are more opportunities to find root causes and solutions before harm occurs.
  2. Places focus on employee safety and engagement.

    The ability to report an incident, observation or close call without citing names helps place the focus back on employee safety. By shifting from a culture of blame to a culture of encouragement, the focus shifts from blaming human error to identifying potential solutions. Rather than focusing on the individual, organizations are more likely to look at systemic and root causes of safety issues.
  3. Creates a fear-free environment

    Anonymous incident reporting can reduce the fear of negative repercussions for reporting incidents and near misses. Anonymous reporting provides a safe way to report serious wrongdoing in a blame-free environment.
  4. Regulatory Compliance

    Regulatory agencies around the world have various requirements for anonymous or retaliation-free reporting options:
    1. ISO 45001
    2. EEOC
    3. OSHA Voluntary Protection Program