How to assign a witness report

Witness reports can be an important part of any incident. Assigning them to employees who may have also been present during an event can give important details that will help in the follow up and investigation of an incident.

To assign witness reports, click on the Initiate Witness Report tile found in the Report Management menu on the left-hand side of the page. A new section will appear to the right labeled Initiate Witness Report.

Assigning an Employee

  • To assign a witness report to a specific employee click the text box under Name.  
  • This will open a drop-down menu with the names of the employees in your company.
  • You can also search the drop-down list by clicking on SEARCH next to the search icon and typing the name of the employee until it appears in the list. You may use first or last names.  
  • Scroll through the list of employees and then select the desired employee by clicking on their name so that it appears in the text box.


The message section of the witness report allows you to give further instructions pertaining to the witness report. By default, the witness report request will include static text explaining how to complete the witness report along with a link to do so. To add to the message, click on the blank text box and type using your device’s keyboard.

Send a Witness Report

Once you have completed selected the employee and filled out any message relating to this request, you are ready to assign the witness report. To do this, click Send Witness Report at the bottom of the page. The message “Assignment successful!” will appear, confirming that your request for a witness report has been sent to the employee selected. This will create a task for the assigned employee to complete the witness report.

You can check on the status of this witness report under the Tasks page under My Created Tasks. Once the witness report has been completed, you will receive an email notification and the witness report will be automatically attached to the original report. 

Additional Witness Reports

You can initiate a witness report with more than one employee.  Simply repeat these steps with a different employee name and message, clicking Send Witness Report each time.