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Android Mobile App: End of Support for OS Versions 6.0

Sospes mobile app no longer supports Android OS Versions 6.0 and older.

With the release of Android version 10 on September 3, 2019, Google discontinued support for Android 7 and earlier versions of its operating system. This means that no more security patches or operating system (OS) updates will be pushed out by Google. In order to keep Sospes up to date and secure, and to help protect your IT environment, Sospes is ending support for Android versions 6.0.

What does this mean?

It means that older Android devices running Android versions 6.0 or older will no longer be able to use the Sospes app. Google has made it clear that they are no longer releasing security or performance updates with older versions and therefore we have made this decision with the security of our customers in mind. 

Why is support ending?

All software vendors depend on the hardware and operating systems of the devices that run their products. As technology continues to improve and vendors are able to use those improvements to add more desirable features, eventually the old systems become more expensive to support and it is in everyone’s best interests to upgrade. When an operating system vendor like Android (Google) decides to no longer support a version of its product, that means their product becomes less able to run new programs and becomes more vulnerable to constantly emerging security threats.

Sospes continually monitors and evaluates Android and Apple versions and makes decisions on when to discontinue support based on those vendors actions. If you have any questions regarding this update, please contact us at support@sospes.com or fill out a ticket here on the Customer Success Portal.

See the table below for quick reference of supported Android versions.