2024.2 Release Notes - New Asset Management Features, logistics module, and Contractor Company Enhancements

This release includes the introduction of the Sospes logistics module, enhancements to asset management, including the ability to bulk edit assets, view asset history, and changes to managing contractor companies.

New Version for the Mobile App

All mobile application users will be prompted to update the next time they open the app, as long as they are connected to the internet. Users must be on one of the latest two (2) versions to continue using Sospes on their mobile devices.

  • 2.6.17 (Current)
  • 2.5.83 (Previous)

New Asset Management Features

Asset Bulk Edit

Users can now bulk edit assets directly through Sospes' new bulk asset edit function as opposed to editing each asset individually! Easily change the facility of as many assets as needed, edit their tracking IDs, or mark the status of a group of assets in one place.

Screenshot 2024-06-06 113248Learn more about the asset bulk edit function!

Asset History

Track the history of each individual asset in Sospes! Users can now view when any related inspection forms have been filled out and submitted, any time an asset has been involved in a report, or any time an edit has been made to the asset. Users can now view the following on the asset history page:

  • Forms where the asset was selected.
  • Asset edit history.
  • Related reports where the asset was involved.


Asset Attributes

Users can now assign a unique set of attributes to each individual asset category! Document what information is important to you when tracking your equipment, products, etc. in Sospes.

Asset Statuses

Users can now create and assign custom asset statuses to mark certain asset categories however needed. Instead of only being able to mark assets as sold, destroyed or retired, custom statuses can be assigned to each individual asset category to differentiate several different statuses across different categories of assets.

Learn more about asset attributes and statuses!

New Logistics Module

This release introduces Sospes' new logistics module, which allows for the tracking of assets/inventory through "projects" as it moves from facility to facility through inbound/outbound forms. Assets can be scanned in via barcodes (or entered manually) to automatically populate the inbound/outbound forms showing the movement of assets from place to place.

Further enhancements to logistics to come in the future!

New Enhancements to Managing Contractor Companies

Company Settings

Admin users can now create contractor "sub-companies" in Sospes! Manage what modules and facilities your contractor companies have access to in Sospes, or create customer companies (logistics only) so customers can view the status of their projects.


Changes to Users

If a contractor company is made, new and existing users can be assigned to the contractor company to limit the access in Sospes they have based on how the contractor company was set up and what modules or facilities they are permitted to access.


Learn more about contractor and customer sub-companies!