2023.2 Release Notes - The Sospes Learning Management System and mobile eLearning

This release introduces the new Learning Management System (LMS) now fully integrated into Credentials Manager as well as eLearning content available on the mobile app.

New Version Number for the Mobile App

All mobile application users will be prompted to update the next time they open the app, as long as they are connected to the internet. Users must be on one of the latest two (2) versions to continue using Sospes on their mobile devices.

  • 2.5.6 (Current)
  • 2.4.79 (Previous)



Improvements to the Learning Management System (LMS) and introduction to eLearning Credentials

Customers who have the Learning Management System (LMS) module in Sospes will notice significant changes and improvements in the Sospes Credentials page. All online training is now fully integrated with the Credential Manager with the introduction of eLearning Credentials. This is introduces numerous benefits and improvements:

  • Online training and eLearning is now fully accessible from the mobile application. Meaning all employees can take their assigned training courses from a computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • SCORM and eLearning content can be uploaded and assigned directly from the Credential Manager menu by any admin user. 
  • Users no longer need to open the Training Center to begin their content, they just simply need to open up their My Credentials page and press Launch Training on the credential they wish to begin. 
  • Assigned credentials will have an associated task for any user it is assigned to which will notify them of due dates, reminders and provide them links to complete it. 

Read the full knowledge base on eLearning and Credentials

Taking eLearning Credentials/Courses

Users will now find both non eLearning credentials and eLearning credentials under their "My Credentials" menu (no more Training Center). If a credential is an eLearning course, it will have a computer screen icon to the left as well as a button for the user to launch or continue training from on the right. 

Read the knowledge base on taking eLearning Credentials


Other Enhancements:

  • Numerous updates and enhancements for mobile application
  • This update includes major performance enhancements throughout the web application