User Roles & Permissions Disruption - Fix In Progress

Customers utilizing HR data imports may be experiencing issues with Sospes user roles & permissions from 10/22/22 at 1:00 am MST. The resolution is in progress and functionality will be restored shortly. No data was lost.

Tuesday, March 22nd at 1:00 am MST  Sospes IT team completed the process of releasing the newest version of Sospes. An unexpected issue occurred that may have affected some customers that are currently utilizing HR data imports. In some cases, all user profiles had their permissions/roles removed which prevent them from seeing their usual level of access.

At this time, most user roles should have been restored and Sospes IT is in the process of resolving the issue.

For any urgent questions, please contact  or submit a ticket by clicking here and a support team member will connect with you shortly.

Estimated Resolution Time: 12:00 pm MT